Jobs Created by Sports Betting

In states where sports betting is legal, there are a variety of jobs that are created by the expansion of sports betting. Ticket writers, security, food and beverage, and support roles all exist within the retail sportsbook industry. These jobs are growing in number, and they are one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. Right now, there are more than 3,000 jobs in this industry. Many more are expected to follow, as more sports franchises legalize the sport.

The growth of sports betting has a slew of positive impacts. A recent report by Oxford Economics estimated that legal sports betting in the U.S. would generate an estimated eight billion in local taxes, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and contribute up to $22.4 billion to the gross domestic product. The study also found that legalized sports betting could support as many as 216,671 jobs – based on the average salary.

The sports betting industry has created a variety of jobs, ranging from teller to writer to analysts. These jobs are varied, but most involve helping to manage the sportsbook. Others involve analyzing bets and writing content to explain current bets to customers. The majority of these positions are located in and around sports arenas, although some may be located in corporate offices. The required skills for these jobs include mathematics, computer analysis software, and human intuition.

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