Bell Pepper Poker Money Award

The 피망머니상 Tournament is not just about the love of food and card games; it’s a serious competition with substantial financial rewards. Players from around the world compete for the cash prize, and the stakes get higher as the tournament progresses.

Prize Structure

  1. Entry Level: The buy-in for the tournament is $1,000, and the prize pool starts to build from there. Participants must win at their respective tables to move on to the next round.
  2. Intermediate Rounds:
    • Quarterfinals: The prize for reaching this stage is $5,000.
    • Semifinals: Those who make it to the semifinals will secure $15,000.
  3. Grand Final:
    • Runner-up: The player who finishes in second place will receive $50,000.
    • Champion: The ultimate Bell Pepper Poker Champion will win the grand prize of $100,000, along with the golden bell pepper trophy.

Special Awards

  • Spiciest Player: The player who consumes the most red bell peppers during the tournament will be awarded an additional $10,000, honoring their resilience against the spiciest challenges.
  • Fan Favorite: A unique award decided by the spectators, this $5,000 prize goes to the player who best captures the spirit of the game.


The Bell Pepper Poker Money Award system is designed to reward skill, strategy, and the daring ability to face the heat of the bell peppers. It’s an integral part of what makes the tournament both a thrilling competition and a unique cultural spectacle.

With such lucrative prizes on the line, players are motivated to bring their A-game and engage in fierce yet friendly competition. The monetary rewards, coupled with the colorful and flavorful atmosphere of the tournament, ensure that the Bell Pepper Poker continues to attract global attention, celebrating a blend of culinary delight and poker mastery.

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